Teresian Journal of English Studies is a double blind, peer-reviewed quarterly.
The Journal attempts to provide a platform for academics to get acquainted with innovative thoughts in the field of research in English Literature. The format of the Journal is designed to be reader-friendly. The academia is provided an easy access to the Journal. The Journal looks for articles that are conceptually sound and methodologically rigorous.
The Journal caters to the needs of Literature students and researchers who want to publish articles that demonstrate clear and novel thinking; accessible and jargon-free expression, and unambiguous authority.

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Instructions to Author

What is the central message of the paper you propose to write? Moreover,

Role of Editor

The role of the editors is to evaluate the suitability of submitted manuscripts for

Instructions to Reviewer

Peer review is essential to the journal in assisting in making editorial decisions and assisting

Guidelines and Policies

The journal employs the double-blind peer review process, where both reviewers and authors remain

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